The dream of Kocreate is one that well known design consultant Vivek Khurana dreamt in 2017, to create a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs in the design space. It is a product of his 22 years of research as an entrepreneur, to bridge the gap between an artist and his entrepreneurial vision, and to guide and prepare creative fresher’s to enter the real world and earn their living well. This dream was ably supported and translated by the other founder Sumit Duggal, who brings his vast experience of 17 years in Marketing & Brand Creation to further better the Kocreate Dream.

The Kocreate approach is a two fold one - The first is the incubation program where budding entrepreneurs will be trained for tricks of the business, to develop their idea to reality. The other is the 15,000 Sq. Ft. co-working space in Sector 126 Noida that designed to inspire, and is a fully managed space so entrepreneurs don’t have to take hassles of traditional office space.

Our vision to create and manage an all-in-one center where budding entrepreneurs can receive training, support and resources to achieve their entrepreneurial vision. The team behind this dream are design consultants and creators themselves, and understand what goes in building a sustainable creative business. With dedicated training and incubation, along with co-working space, Kocreate is set to change the creative business sector.

Our country has a huge number of young creative minds who have the ability to make a difference but don’t know how to take the first step. At Kocreate, we are equipping these youngsters via tools of skill development, mentorship and co-working space, all under one roof. This will help not only enhance their creative skills but to also hone their entrepreneurial traits, and set them on a path of a successful business.